Our Vision

To ignite our sense of connectedness with earth and nurture a spirituality of earth care through learning circles

The vision for Programs in Earth Literacies was first developed among a number of colleagues who worked together preparing workshops and retreats that focus on Earth spirituality, Ecotheology, care for Earth, and deep ecology. The primary goal of Programs in Earth Literacies is to nurture a love for our Earth home and for the Cosmos. The programs will engage participants in hands-on work, workshops, retreats, conversation circles and guided reflection. Our programs are attentive to seeing Earth as sacred and to learning practical ways of shaping our personal lives and forming the human community into a more loving presence on Earth. Thomas Berry speaks poignantly of the great importance of Earth care, education and spirituality programs for the future, for all children. He dedicates his book The Great Work, Our Way into the Future, to children:

To the children
To all the children
To the children who swim beneath the waves of the sea,
To those who live in the soils of the Earth,
To the children of the flowers in the meadows and the trees in the forest,
To all those children who roam over the land
And the winged ones who fly with the winds
To the human children too,
That all the children may go together into the future
In the full diversity of their regional communities.

bird singing