Vancouver Summer Program

Engaging the Enneagram: through the gateway of typology, exploring our place within the cosmic whole and its place within us with Dawn Kilarski and Barry Vall 

Greeting from Dawn and Barry: New friends and old, greetings to you all from within the heart of this 2018 “Wild Canadian Year” with all its beauty and terror.

The Enneagram has been a wonderful guide and companion through the inner and outer landscapes of our own personal lives, and our work and even our play. We are delighted to share and explore this powerful symbol together with you.    

We are hoping that however you come, new to the symbol or delving deeper into it, you will feel the soulfulness of the many and various connections that exist within, between and among us. Somehow in the crossing of our paths we trust that something is at work that has all of our deepest wellbeings at heart and is for the benefit of the all in all.  

Working together with Canadian Memorial United Church

Date:  Friday June 22, 6 – 9 pm,  Saturday June 23, 9 – 4pm and Sunday June 24,  2 – 5 pm, 2018
Cost: $125, Please bring your lunch.  Refreshments are provided.
Location:  Canadian Memorial United Church, 1806 W.15th Ave. & Burrard St. Vancouver


Please do not let cost deter you. Ask us about our scholarship fund.