Summer 2020

You are invited to join us on zoom for two conversations from the teachings of Robin Kimmerer; Conversations around the Green Fire.  Author of Braiding Sweetgrass, Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants.

Monday August 10, 1:00 – 3:00 (includes a 15 min break)

Gratitude and Reciprocity: What have I received from Earth? 

“Gratitude may seem like a weak tea but it is powerful medicine, it pulls us into relationship.  Gratitude is a fundamental way of interacting with the rest of the world.  You look at the world not as property or something you are entitled to but as gift.  It is alive with the notion of the personhood of all other beings.  We scientists look at the unique role of other species.  We can see there are gifts that other species are making to the whole eco system and what can we do but be grateful.  We receive a gift we want to reciprocate – we need this gratitude culturally and spiritually because of the way it fills us up.”  Robin Kimmerer 

Cost:  $20 

Monday August 24, 1:00 – 3:00 (includes a 15 min break)

Rights of nature: How/where do I hear the rights of nature’s rights?   

“So much of our governance is based on this thinking of protection and enhancement of human people’s right to the land but we don’t think of the rights of the land.  In this country we grant personhood to corporations but not to strawberries, not to salamanders.  That notion that we should all have a seat at the table, they should all have a voice in their own thriving.”  Robin Kimmerer

Cost:  $20

More reflections from Robin Kimmerer:

 Honorable Harvest – with Robin Kimmerer

“Mishkos Kenomagwen, The Teachings of Grass

Global Forum, 2020 From Ego to Eco, hosted by Presencing Institute

I recently participated in the following program hosted by the Presencing Institute.  The program is now available for public viewing and I am delighted to share this inspiring timely event with you:

The Story: 2020 to 2030 might well be the most critical decade in recent history. At the threshold of this era, we have been called to ever more bold intention and action. Massive change is being seeded, activated and accelerated, with incredible transformation initiatives underway across the globe.

From July 9-11, our community gathered online for a Global Forum that grew our collective momentum and impact. Thought leaders came together with those who brought on-the-ground experience, gained through application of vertical literacy—the capacity to understand and influence systems from the intelligences of the head, heart and hand—as well as through co-creative learning in the broadest range of contexts.

Shortly after the COVID-19 global pandemic broke, we had initiated the GAIA Journey as a 14-week impromptu global infrastructure for sensemaking, to lean into our current moment of disruption and to move us toward civilizational renewal. GAIA activated 13,000 individuals, 8 language tracks, 200 impact area hubs, 10 Macro Hubs around key shift points and sectors, and more. This Global Forum marked the end of the GAIA cycle and the beginning of the next stage of this gradually unfolding journey. 

Global Forum Resources – Now Available

We’ve now transformed the Global Forum Event Guide into a publicly accessible resource that contains most of the recordings, slides and images from the Forum. Feel free to visit and enjoy these materials. Please be mindful of these guidelines for using and crediting the work.

This archive intends to land the content of the Forum in one place, for those who participated in the moment, and for those coming to the experience just now. We hope the numerous videos and files below will serve as an ongoing resource in these times of change.