Making a Place We Can All Call Home: Soul-Work for Earth Partisans With Ian Wight

Placemaking is a human art and practice from time immemorial. Primarily, it is people who make a place – the people in the place, the people of the place. But this can often be missed today, through being ‘lost in space’. Our relationship with place can easily be taken for granted, but it might well merit closer discernment to help us better negotiate these challenging times – together. In particular, how might we go about making a place we can all call home? What’s the story here, the underlying poetry, the divinity at work? During this program we’ll consider what we might mean by place, especially vis-à-vis space, wondering about its sacred and secular attributes, and its combination of primalcy and potency. It will consider our ‘sense of place’, in terms of sensing place within us – an inter-meshing of ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ sense-making. Ian draws particularly on application of an integral perspective, grounded in a selection of blessings from theologian and poet, John O’Donohue’s To Bless the Space Between Us. (For those who sense a ‘maker’ of sorts within themselves, including their role in the making of the places that they happen to love and cherish, and an interest in becoming a better maker of such places with others)

Date: 4 Wednesdays, Sept 28 – Oct 19, 2016

Time: 7 – 9 pm Cost:   $75 or $20 drop in

Location: Friends Meeting House (1831 Fern St.) Victoria Register now!