Dancing to the Music of the Spheres

According to Pauline Le Bel, author of Becoming Intimate with the Earth, scientists have located sound reverberating from every corner of the Cosmos, and the sacred music of indigenous peoples echoes the haunting sounds of the Universe itself as it sings in a cacophony of tones, rhythms and vibrations. Le Bel says, “Life is vibration, tone, rhythm. We are rhythm, the rhythm of our breath, the rhythm of our heart, our brain . . . We don’t just hear sound, we are sound.” Different elements in the Universe sing in their own unique voice—our own Sun “has a very deep voice and a very slow rhythm.” It comes as no surprise to the reader that Le Bel is a singer and composer. In fact, she has dedicated her life to the celebration of sound, story and art.  Her book reflects her life-stance, that the Universe itself is a living, evolving, multifaceted story that invites human participation; particularly it draws us into intimacy with its life. Le Bel offers us many ways to enter into intimacy with our Earth home. Using primal elements like water, breath, soil and fire she guides us into practices that awaken our inter-relatedness with the numinous world around us. Reflecting her influence by Matthew Fox, she unfolds five pathways of deepening and connecting with the Universe: Way of Wonder, Way of Emptiness, Way of Imagining, Way of Transformation and Way of Community. Along each of these roads she tells the stories of local heroes who are following the pilgrim way into a more fruitful intimacy with the Earth, and penetrating into the mysteries of the fabric of existence.

Becoming Intimate with the Earth tells the story of the Universe become conscious in the wonder and amazement of human beings who are invited to dance and sing to its music as they are drawn into intimacy and find themselves at Home.

Posted by Margaret Walters