Evangelical Christians and Climate Change

Bill Moyers recently interviewed Katharine Hayhoe, who is both an evangelical Christian and a climate scientist. She believes that her faith is compatible with science, which is an unusual view from the Christian right, which tends to view the weather as under God’s control (as in “if God wants the climate to change, who are we to try and stop this from happening”). God’s omnipotence in all things is a primary tenet of evangelical Christianity, so Katherine’s view that the global warming crisis is man made is making waves in her community. However, she is able to speak to fellow believers in language that they can understand and is therefore an important voice in opening up the climate change debate in evangelical circles. Some two-thirds of white evangelical Christians do not think that global warming is real and religion is used to deny the burgeoning crisis. Katherine wants to end the gridlock between politics, science and faith and enlist evangelical churches in working towards solutions. You can watch the interview here:


Posted by Margaret Walters